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To the Jacobs Church Family. Charlie Harbaugh, consistory president, just notified me that church for tomorrow is cancelled. The congregational business meeting is now rescheduled for February 3. Be safe.

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Church is Canceled today January 13, 2019 Due to Weather Conditions. Please be safe. Christ’s Love to All

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Bluegrass Sunday Oct. 28, 2018

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Another, guitar plukin, banjo picken, bass fiddle thumpin, choir singin and hand clappin, worship service is planned at Jacob’s Church October 28th 2018 in the morning worship service. We’ll be having service dedicated to the old gospel hymnal tradition, bluegrass style. Welcome back to the good old days. We hope you will join us and invite someone. Time Sunday at 9:30 AM Directections click and click ServiceTimes and Directions

Bluegrass Sunday Oct.28th , 9:30 AM

Outside service 09/16/2018 will be moved inside on Sunday after 9/11 due to excessive rains.

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Sunday after 9-11 Service has been moved inside of church due to wet grounds and chances of more rain. Banks are still slippery.
The Sunday after 9,11, 2001 was a moment in time when our nation prayed to God for his help and protection. The churches had record attendance and the darkness of 9-11 was met by the great light that overcomes darkness, Jesus Christ. We will embrace that resolve this Sunday Sept.16., ,in song and sermon remembering to pray for our, nation, first responders and the victims of 9-11. As well we’ll pray for God’s protection from future plots against our nation. Service will begin at 9:30 as usual. Come join us as we unite our hearts in prayer. For Directions go to and click Directions and Service times. All are welcome.

“Profile of a Dreamer” Sermon by Pastor Richard Daughtridge 05/20/18

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New sermon series,”Twelve Strong” begins this week. February 25, at 9:30

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New sermon series,”Twelve Strong” begins this week. The next few weeks Pastor Richard will be doing a sermon series entitled “Twelve Strong” We will look at the Passion of Christ and at the Resurrection through the eyes of the twelve chosen to bring the gospel to their generation and every generation to follow. Begins Sunday February 25, at 9:30 . Blue Grass Sunday is this Sunday and the sermon title is “The Power of the Cross”. All are welcome. For Bluegrass Sunday Sample Click Here

New Sermon Series, “He’s Going To Surprise Us” begins on Sunday Oct.15, 2017

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Hi Everyone Just a reminder that the Harvest Party scheduled for Saturday Oct.14 was cancelled due to all the activities in the the surrounding area. Many were already committed to other events and thus the sign up for the event was extremely low. The movie “End of the Spear” will be shown at another time and our fellowship events will continue. Sorry for any inconvience and enjoy whats shaping up to be a beautiful weekend.
New Sermon Series begins this Sunday Oct.15 with a sermon entitled “When Jesus Comes Back”. This is from the sermon series “He’s Gonna Surprise Us”, a series by Pastor Richard Daughtridge.

Be in prayer , Pastor Richard

Service begins at 9:39 Directions click here them click “Service Times and Directions”