Announcement on Christmas Services December 6,2020

Good afternoon everyone, It has been a difficult decision as to wether to have church this week. We want to honor God and feed the flock. As you know we have been closed as some of our people tested positive for Covid. We are all wondering about Christmas. We have several options to accomplish our goals and have made a few changes. We have installed a transmitter and you will now be able to listen in the convenience of your car by simply dialing FM 107.1 on your car radio from anywhere on the church property. Just honk to say amen and give a thumbs up to share the peace. It’s to cold to listen outside as some have done in the past. After being closed for 14 days quarantine period we want to reopen safely and at 50 percent of capacity, meaning every other pew will be closed, and every one will be asked to wear a mask. If you have any reservations about going inside you may listen to the sermon in your car, watch the video at home on Facebook : Jacob’s Church – Fairfield, PA or on our website at We also will have a sound feed to the pavilion during the service if you do not receive signal in your car, This gives you five options to choose from. Please take advantage of at least one. Christmas series “From His Manger to His Majesty” starts Sunday, Second Advent Sunday, Dec.6th. Service begins at 9:30 Merry Christmas everyone., Pastor Richard

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