A Message from Pastor regarding Virus precautions. March 13, 2020

A message from Pastor Richard March 13, 2020 “Let’s take every precaution to be safe.”

As of now we plan to have church on Sunday March 15, 2020.  Social protocol is important as we keep our people safe until this Corona Virus conflict is over. We want to adhere to safe measures to protect our church especially being one with many seniors.  Until things are safer let’s continue the elbow bumps replacing the handshakes and drop the hugs for now. For those who feel that you shouldn’t come to church we will be posting the sermons on Face Book @ Jacob’s Church – Fairfield, PA , and on our web site @ www.jacobschurch.com. Please use safe discretion. If you are sick and coughing, or if you feel you have been exposed to the virus in no way should you put others at risk by coming. This will pass and we all want to use caution not to harm others. Brighter days are ahead.

This morning as I entered the church I smelled the fresh clean smell of Clorox and found that our cleaning crew had wiped down every surface to insure that we have taken every precaution to keep everyone safe. I want to thank Ronnie and Sandy McClain for their diligence in keeping everything clean and safe.  Love You All, Please be safe. Pastor

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