Special Conclusion this Sunday.” From a Thorn to a Throne” April 3

From a Thorn To A Throne
This Sunday we will conclude our sermon series “The Crown of His Majesty”. We will take the crown of thorns off the cross, We’ll remove the stone left at the foot of the cross, typical of the one thrown at the woman caught in adultery. The sign, at the top of the cross, will no longer read,” King of the Jews”, but “King of Kings and Lord of Lords”. The little sign we placed at the bottom of the cross, “I did this for you”, will now take on a new meaning. He will never again hang on an old rugged cross nor wear a crown of thorns, but sit on a throne at God the Father’s right hand. Our sermon this Sunday, “From a Thorn to a Throne,” will take us in our journey to Heaven where we’ll see what the Apostle John saw. A Risen Savior being crowned by those that love Him. We continue to gather stones, not to throw, but precious jewels for a Crown of His Majesty. Service starts at 9:30 Sunday morning April 3rd. Come prepared to worship. Jacob’s church is located at 495 Harbaugh Valley Road, just off Rt 16 between Waynesboro and Emmetsburg, Maryland. Look for sign on Rt. 16.

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