Join us for the three sermon conclusion of “The Crown of His Majesty” a sermon series by Pastor Richard Daughtridge

Crown of Thorns bulletin For the past weeks we’ve followed Jesus along the Sea of Galilee. Wow, what a trip. He disarmed the stone throwers, healed the blind, made the lame to walk, raised the dead, cleansed the lepers and unfolded a plan for the salvation of man. Does such deserve to wear a crown of thorns and be nailed to a cross?

Our world seems out of control at times.

The Apostle John in Revelation 5 said he wept when no one was found worthy to open the book which contained the power to end and vindicate the evil that man had allowed to spiral out of control. He was comforted to be told that The Lion of Judah was ready to take the world back. Looking for this big Lion he saw only a lamb.

       This week we see the Lamb led down the road of a king to be his execution. Then we realize that the very Passover lamb is in fact the Lion. He will die as a lamb but be raised into a Lion after three days. In the last three sermons we will replace the crown of thorns with a new crown that we will give Him.                                                                                                  

           Like the wise Kings of Christmas, we will bring our gifts fit for a King. “The King is Coming” is an appropriate title for this week’s sermon. Sunday 20th I will introduce the King of the Jews, The Lamb of God. Sunday 27th after he was unjustly put to death we will see the Father raise him from the dead. The Lion of the Tribe of Judah will prevail. Then on April 3rd we will Crown him with many crowns. Don’t miss a single service. Special music in each service. Services begin at 9:30 at Jacobs Church 495 Harbaugh Valley Road just off Route 16 between Waynesboro Pa. and Emmetsburg Md .      

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