“Sunday after Nine Eleven” Special Service September 13, 2015 All welcome.

This is the flag we will unfold and pray around (weather permitting)

This is the flag we will unfold and pray around (weather permitting)

“Sunday after Nine Eleven” Special Service September 13, 2015 All welcome.

The purpose of this service so fitly named “Sunday after Nine Eleven” is not to reopen wounds and hurts thus magnifying the terrors and intentions of evil people. The image we examine today is not a falling tower but the rising people. These people were united in faith and love and resolved to rise above the works of evil.
We want to revisit their prayers, be immersed in their love and maintain their resolve to be free.
Christ said, “Greater hath no man love than this that he would lay down his life for his friends.”
The heroes did not run from the smoke and ash but into to save people’s lives. Such courage must never be overlooked but passed forward to the next generation.
The Sunday after 911 was said to be the greatest prayer days in America and around the world since the invasion at Pearl Harbor.
We need to remember our oaths to God and to thank Him for the miracle of today and again pass them forward.
How do we obtain such courage, love and resolve?
Come and join us Sunday as we open the flag. Pray for America and renew our resolves to continue to rise up out of the ashes. Service begins at 9:30 Flag service, and lunch will continue immediately following the service.

Announcement From Last Weeks Bulletin

SPECIAL 9-11 SERVICE WEEK END SERVICE  Join us for a special “Sunday After 9-11” service.” Invite all the first responders you may know, your family, friends and neighbors. We will recognize those first responders in the service. We will revisit the prayers America prayed on the greatest call to prayer day since Pearl Harbor.
We’ll begin the remembrance in our morning worship service September 13th at 9:30 a.m. and continue afterwards down in the pavilion behind the church at 11:00 a.m.
Pastor Richard remembers, “Two days after September 11, when I was coaching girls’ soccer at Smithsburg High, we unfolded a 20’ x 30’ American flag on the soccer field before our game. Both Smithsburg High School girls’ soccer team and Hedgesville, WV girls’ soccer team unfolded the giant flag as a symbol of hope in the height of our nation’s extreme grief. Players from both teams volunteered to pray for the victims, their families and our nation.”
After the service, we will meet at the pavilion, gather around that same flag, pray for our nation and give thanks for our freedom and liberties. We will then share in a pot luck lunch together. The meat, drinks and paper products will be provided. Please bring a covered side dish and a dessert to share.

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