Three Gifts of Dad, a sermon by Pastor Richard Daughtridge Father’s Day June 15, 2014



“Three Gifts of DAD” a sermon by Pastor Richard Daughtridge Father’s Day June 15, 2014         (Come Sunday for the rest of the sermon.)



Seems everywhere you look there is roadwork. I was on 64 this week and I waited and waited. After being stopped a second time I waited again. The flagman or should I say flag lady was talking on her cell phone. After my patience had had been reduced to almost zero an escort truck with the sign follow me and flashing lights turns around and stops to say something  to her. Maybe he said lunch break because she looked happy at what he said. He takes off assuming the cars are behind him but she still hasn’t turned her stop sign around. Do I go? She waves come on but never turns her sign.  I was totally confused. Two signal which one do I obey? All she had to do was turn the sign around but now she’s looking at me like,What are you waiting for? Should I tell her to turn her sign around or just go on her hand wave. The person behind me stopped and I chuckled. I saw the sign turn in my rear view mirror.
Such are signals we sometimes send to our children and family as fathers.
I’d like to share several scriptures that will improve our direction communications.
As a dad you have become the co-owner of your children’s dreams, mistakes, and ambitions. Ask yourself: Do I lead by criticizing, complaining, negativity, dream busting, and fear? or do I lead by encouragement, example, affirmation and faith.
The Bible has a lot to say about this subject. Let’s look at these scriptures.
“When the going gets tough the tough ________ ______________.” You fill in the blanks. I’m sure your answer was probably the tough get going. Wrong answer. We will share the answers Sunday with scriptures from the Bible.

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