Notes Jan.10,2010 Jacob’s Battle Cry for 2010 – Our Dreams for a New Year by Pastor Richard Daughtridge

Jacob’s Battle Cry for 2010 by Pastor Richard Daughtridge

Majesty ,  Maintenance , Mission , and Mix are the words that make up our battle cry for 2010. Every word represents a challenge that we are passionate about.

1. Majesty – Giving our Heavenly Father the Love, Awe, and Worship he deserves.

  • Not a show but a communication from our heart.

Psalm 138:2 I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name.

2. Maintenance – The Discipleship we will require to become more like him.

  • Apologetics that are Truth and Bible based
  • Teaching our children by Instruction and Example

John 8:32  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

2 Tim. 2:15 Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

3. Mission – Owning the great commission.

  • Plan that has a message with legs.
  • Actions speak louder than words but the words are still foundational.

Mark 16:15   And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.

Matthew 28:19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:

4. Mix – Fellowship getting to know each other.

  • Taking time to become a family.
  • Accepting One Another.
  • Respecting One Another.
  • Loving One Another.
  • Communication With One Another.

John 17:22  And the glory which thou gavest me I have given them; that they may be one, even as we are one:

One Response to “Notes Jan.10,2010 Jacob’s Battle Cry for 2010 – Our Dreams for a New Year by Pastor Richard Daughtridge”

  1. Diane McDougal Says:

    Excellent Richard. Have a great week in Florida. Your messages are reaching south of the equator.

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