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“Clothed in Christ” by Richard Daughtridge sermon June 28, 2009

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richard2“Clothed in Christ” by Richard Daughtridge

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“Secret of a Father’s Love” Sermon Father’s Day 06/21/09

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richard2Secret of a Father’s Love.

by Richard Daughtridge 06/21/09

Luke Fifteen begins with a story in which Jesus is surrounded by all kinds of sinner people. Some were religious, others just plain sinners. All were lost. Jesus seems out of place and everyone there listens in as he speaks. He speaks in parables. His parables reveal the secrets of a father’s love.
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“Religion has Dinner with a Harlot and Christ.” by Richard Daughtridge Sermon Notes 06/14/09

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Sermon Notes 06/14/09

Religion invites Christ and a harlot to dinner.

Rabbi Simon was probably one of those  Pharisees which refused to be baptized by John the Baptist earlier in this same chapter. Instead he invited Jesus to dinner. Today we want to go to dinner with them and see how religion responds to need and how Christ responds to sinners. Christ’s response captures our heart. Continue reading