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Sermon Notes Righteousness (right standing with God) 05/31/09

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richard2Righteousness (Right Standing With God)

Worthiness to come into the presence of God is something I used to always wrestled with. Continue reading

Memorial Weekend Sermon Dawn’s Early Light 05/24/09

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richard2Dawn’s Early Light by Richard Daughtridge

The raging sounds of war, the blast, the horns, the cries of the wounded, and finally, the silence of dead are all sounds of war. All are sounds that we all hope to never hear again.

I remember at the time of Nine-Eleven, I was coaching a high school girl’s soccer team. Continue reading

Running a race called “Patience” Sermon Notes 05/17/09

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richard2Running a race called “Patience” by Richard Daughtridge

Life is described in the Bible as a race. We know that in this race we call life there are no shorts cuts to the finish line. We as a church and as individuals desire to finish well. Continue reading

Mothers Day Sermon 05/10/09 Outline

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Sermon,” Well Done Mom! “

By Richard Daughtridge

richard2I was privileged to officiate my mother’s funeral service three years ago in January of 2006. My sermon title was, “Well Done Mom”.

I’m sure my mom would have wanted to hear those words from her son ,but more importantly, I know that she longed to hear them from her Savior. Continue reading