“Becoming a Person of Honor for Christ” by Richard Daughtridge

These are a few thoughts taken from an old book I found at a local auction. The book title is “The Golden Gems of Life” and is 128 years old dated 1820. I was so inspired by these words and aspire to become for our Savior their content. We all fall short at times but what an opportunity to allow Christ to change us as we submit to His will. Pastor Richard

Person Of Honor

Man of honor! What a glorious title is that!

Who would not rather have it than any that kings can bestow?

It is worth all the gold and silver in the world. He who merits it wears a jewel within his soul and needs none upon his bosom.

His word is as good as his bond,” and if there were no law in the land one might deal just as safely with him. To take unfair advantage is not in him. To quibble and guard his speech so that he leads others to suppose that he means something that he does not mean, even while they can never prove that it is so, would be impossible to his frank nature. His speeches are never riddles. He looks you in the eye and says straight out the things that he has to say, and he does unto others the things he would that they should do to him.

He is a good son and a good brother. Who ever heard him betray the faults and follies of his near kindred? And with his friends he proves himself true, and will not betray the trust friendship imposes on him. And with strangers you do not find him too curious about the affairs of others, or too eager to impart information accidentally gleaned by him. Real honor and esteem are not difficult to be obtained in the world. They are best won by actual worth and merit rather than by art and intrigue, which runs a long and ruinous race, and seldom seizes upon the prize at last. Clear and round dealing is the honor of man’s nature, and mixture of falsehood is like alloy in coin of gold and silver, which may make the metal work the better, but the mixture reduced it’s strength weakens it.

Honor, like reputation and character, displays itself in little acts. It is of slow growth. He whose soul is set to do right finds himself more firmly bound by the principle of honor than by legal restraints. He is much more at ease when bound by his conscience. He who is actuated by false principles of honor does not feel thus.

True honor is internal while false honor is external. The internal is founded on principles, the external on interests. The one does not ostentatiously proclaim its lofty aims; it prefers that its conduct and actions demonstrate its purposes.

Taken From “The Gems Of Life” written by S.C. Ferguson & E.A. Allen 1828

I John 3:1-2 Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not. Beloved, now are we the sons of God, and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.

Note words underlined by the pastor.

See you Sunday. Sermon Notes are below.

2 Responses to ““Becoming a Person of Honor for Christ” by Richard Daughtridge”

  1. Thanks for sharing! Makes so much sense… and it was written in 1820… long before I began standing on my principles, no matter the cost. 🙂
    ~ “Mrs. Wiggins” PS- Site looks super-dee-duper!!

  2. Mrs Wiggins... again! Says:

    With services cancelled today, I ventured into Jacob’s site. I was immediately drawn to this sermon, forgetting that it spoke to me previously. God has a way of sending us His reminders of His love and favor, doesn’t He? This really resonated with me today, after experiencing God’s favor upon Dustin this week.

    Thank you, Richard… though not in the same office or congregation, you continue to minister to me and my family. Our love and blessings to you, Robin and your entire family for a Christmas adorned with all of God’s riches.
    Marla 🙂

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